Billy Porter's Golden Globes Look Is Totally Bridal—and Perfectly Dramatic

by ceohg_7uj5ls

No one—and I mean no one—does red carpet style like Billy Porter. The actor consistently sets the bar for every red carpet event, and I never tire of his haute couture looks that break through gender stereotypes. Billy Porter’s 2020 Golden Globes look is yet another example of the Pose actor’s sartorial excellence. Wearing an all-white feathery ensemble, Billy Porter strutted the red carpet as if he owned it—because he might as well, at this point.

Seriously, though, Billy Porter looked absolutely stunning in a totally white Alex Vinash custom outfit featuring some very dramatic feathersHe brings the heat to every red carpet, but this look has instantly become one of my favorites (and it apparently took three whole-ass months to make). The ensemble is made up of a gorgeous white suit—but the jacket has a twist. The suit jacket is equipped with a stunning feather train that’s longer than any relationship I’ve ever had. Truly, Porter is bringing major bridal vibes to the Golden Globes. Forget the red carpet, the actor is walking down the damn aisle.


Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the accessories Billy Porter has paired with his all-white look. The actor donned some white satin-y Jimmy Choo shoes, Tiffany jewels and carried a mirrored bag that perfectly picked up the red tones of the Golden Globes red carpet. Porter’s looks always leave me wanting more—but also feeling satisfied at the same time. I’m just not going to question it.

While getting to see Billy Porter on any red carpet is truly thrilling, the best part is the fact that he’s nominated for a Golden Globe. The actor is nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his work on Pose. If you haven’t seen the show, please binge it ASAP. Porter and the entire cast make the show one of the most important pieces of television many of us have ever seen. While the Golden Globes are still lacking in POC, it’s slightly heartening to see Billy Porter nominated for a 2020 award. He—and his red carpet ensemble—deserve all the recognition.


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